On Saturday, March 21, 2015 7:36 AM, Gene Loder <lodercc@gmail.com> wrote:

Jim..hope all is well..wanted to tell you had a clean out cap blow off and spill approximately 30-35,000 gallons of manure on the ground,this happened on the 10th of March. The amount of manure covered an area approximately 150 yards long by 30 yards wide..in accordance with State Law..I had to report it. The state official gave me a week to clean it up..cover it up ..or pump material in to tank and haul over and dump in lagoon. Jim..I mixed up some of your Eco-cure..4 lbs./ 300 gallons of water and sprayed it on with our weed sprayer that we use for around the buildings..in two days there was no " black line" of residue along edge..and in 6 days ..you couldn't even tell there was anything at all! The official came back exactly one week later..took samples of some water that was left in little holes in the field..deepest hole was 3 1/2 inches by 6-8 inches..comments were.. " there's no smell and its as clear as water"..good job and getting cleaning this up. To say the leady I'm tickled to death.. because at the very least I've dodged a ..HUGE FINE ..AND CLEANED UP SOMETHING FOR A INSIGNIFICANT COST!! Thanks Jim..thought I'd pass this along to you..in closed are some pictures of what your product can do before and after... Thanks! Gene Loder..Nordak