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Jim.  This is how the product was used in Bolivia. Letís discuss with Scott next week.
Product Preparation
In a 1000 liter container, fire water was added to 500 liters. Subsequently, the immersion of the 8 bags containing product, during 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes, product activation was done by pressure on the bags to remove all the absorbed liquid, this operation is performed 40 times in each bag. Once the product activation process was one, we proceed to remove all the product inside the bags and add it directly to the container.
Then solution was allowed to rest for 5 hours prior to application.
Product Application
Once the product was prepared, application was done on the upper end of the mud pool (the pool has a total of 500 m3 of mud, water and hydrocarbon), the method used to deliver the product was by gravity without pressure. The product was applied in 30 minutes.
Application of Organic Matter
Organic matter was applied (rice husk), two trucks full (approximately 1 m3) to the pool of sludge. The organic matter remained in the top of the pool because the sludge was too viscous and contain solids .
Homogenization was done with a pneumatic pump. The product applies was homogenized in the pool by moving hose 2 "in diameter, at each point of the pool to promote mixing and emulsification  of product and the contaminants. This process was performed for 5 hrs. for 5 days.
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Product prepared and activated

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Product Application by Gravity

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Product Applicaiton

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Pool (with Sludge, Solids and Hydrocarbons)




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Hey Jim,
Finally heard back from our client in Bolivia. The soil application weíve been discussing is going well as recent TPH results were below 5000 mg/kg, making for more than 90% remediation so far. This project is pretty much on autopilot now, and our client will be maintaining the project from here on out.
They have a new and much more challenging project now at the same site: 3 pits consisting of tank bottom sludge, drill cuttings and oil base are 500 m3 each in volume and have a hydrocarbon concentration of 50%. The remainder is water and solids (dirt, drill cuttings, etc.). Have you ever dealt with a hydrocarbon concentration this high, and do you have any recommendations for treating this? Can EcoCure work at this level of hydrocarbon contamination? I am told they have used up all the pit space they have available, so Iím not sure that diluting the sludge is an option. Let me know if you have any comments on this, it could be a good application if itís treatable. Feel free to give me a call anytime tomorrow.
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