Eco-Cure, Inc.

Eco-Cure, Inc. has developed an effective proprietary formula for the rapid degradation of animal 
waste, and biosolid material, as well as petroleum hydrocarbons.

This "enzyme activator" combining bacteria and fungi with extracellular enzymes allows the 
processing of various organic materials into high-quality soil amendment and fertilizer. By degrading 
up to 90% of manure, it there-by makes the highest concentration of NPK and nutrients possible.

It will also within the process eliminate the odor [ammonia, hydrogen sulfide gas] associated with 
waste material, on contact. In addition, the enzyme formula will bring about the destruction of all 
pathogens and salmonella within hours of an aerobic condition.

Our formula is organic, harmless to all living things, contains no chemicals, and no ingredient in our 
product appears on OSHA's "Directors List". The USDA has no restrictions on the use of our 

The enzyme formula has proven extremely effective in the reduction of BOD (Biological Oxygen 
Demand) in sewage waste water. Reducing up to 80% of BOD after 5 hours of treatment and the 
"destruction" of 20% of solids in a 7 hour period.

The enzyme activator's ability to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons was discovered accidentally when 
a quantity of the enzymes was stored on an asphalt driveway. When the enzymes were transferred, it 
was noted that the tar underneath had been degraded and stone pebbles were the only remaining 

The first experimental attempt to degrade a petroleum product was conducted with aged smudge pots 
from Dole Citrus in Redlands, California. Cow manure was used as a medium to which both the oil 
and the enzyme activator were added. The manure provided cellulose or food to the mix to allow the 
rapid population growth of the bacteria. The oil was digested in the process. This initial experiment 
degraded the oil/manure mixture from an initial 630,000 ppm tph to non-detectable levels within an 
11-week period.

Since that time, numerous tests, both laboratory and field, as well as contracted jobs, have been 
completed and have proven the dramatic elimination of various hazardous and toxic substances 
including pesticides and PCB's. Bench testing of this product is continuing to investigate aspects of 
the degradation process.

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