From: Loder
Sent: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 9:56 PM
Subject: crop benefits

I hope all is well with you.
We just finished harvest here in south west North Dakota and I have got to pass some things on to you that continue to impress me about the added value of your Eco-Cure product. We applied our hog manure at 10,000 gallons per acre this spring that we treated with Eco-Cure from our lagoon. Our moisture situation was good but really no different than any other year but the corn and barley crops looks fantastic.  Last year we averaged 46 bushels an acre on our barley, this year we averaged 81.5 bushels per acre. We knew it was good when I had to get an extra tractor with a grain cart and chase the combine because we couldn't make it to the other end of the field before he was full! ha ha. The long and the short of this is we have an extra 29,000 bushels to show for it.
Corn harvest is right around the corner and the anticipation is mounting daily for us. In the fall of 2012 we averaged 78 bushels of corn per acre. in the spring of 2013 we put our hog manure on that had been treated with Eco-Cure from our lagoon, (which by the way got rid of our algae and greatly reduced our sediment) the crop was really something. It yielded 160.2 bushels per acre with nearly every plant yielding two 10" cobs per plant. I don't remember having corn so green that from a kidding Jim, it actually looks black. We plant a 78 day corn because of our growing season up here, and again it appears that nearly every plant has two cobs on it. In our part of the country we typically get 11-12 inches of rainfall a year. To have crops like this is something really special so obviously we are excited to start combining.
Thanks Jim for making a product that makes our operation more money instead of looking at it as an expense.
Best regards,
Gene Loder
P.S. I have attached a couple photos of combining the barley and some pictures of the corn.