Eco-Cure Inc.

Animal Waste Odor Control


Aa Dairy Digester Re-Start

Pine Island Dairy Farm Digester and Analysis

Hansen Energy & Environmental

Agreen Energy Digester at Jordan Dairy

Neighborhood Energy LLC Digester

Triple G Dairy

ANDIGEN Digester at Huls Dairy

Fresh Start Dairy


Ballard Hog Farm's Digester

Rocky Knoll Swine Farm Digester Re-Start

Quasar Energy Group

Jonathan Martin Hog Farm

Jacks Creek Farms  Hogs

Boop's Family Hog Farm LLC

Hillcrest Swine Farm

Reiff Hog Farm & Crop Report

Will-O-Bett Hog Farm

Dave's Sanitation & Pumping Service

Gene's Crop Report 2014

Nordak Crop Results 2015

Nordak Pipe Break Spill & Clean-up

RM Snyder Hog Farm Before and After Certified Analysis with Photos

Texas Farm Hogs

Prairie Pork Farms Inc.

Hoyle Pork

Environmental Technologies, Inc Trials

Quiwiffle Hog Farm Lagoon Trials


High Farms    Layers & Hogs

Phil's Fresh Eggs   

Maple Lawn Associates, Inc    Layers

Gretna View Farms 2 Letters Layers and Cattle

Warren Farms Poultry Lagoon

Warren Farms Lab Report

Jenkins Poultry Lagoon

Compost Solutions, Inc. Organic Fertilizer & Certified Pathogen Reports

Southern Pride Farms Lab Report

Van Vuuren Farms Poultry Lagoon

Nucal Foods Layers Ets Lab Report

Valley Fresh Foods (Skylane Farms) Layers Lab Report

ISE Newberry Layers 5 Reports-Hahn Lab Report

Milton G Waldbaum ( Michaels Foods) Layers

High's Talapia Fish Farm

Sara Lee Foods Turkey

Jennie-O Turkey Pathogen Report

Cal -Maine Foods High-Rise Pullet House Pilot Project, by Nipcam Group

Dr. Robert White's Dead Deer Project

Newswanger Farm's Broiler House Trial

Nipcam Group's Broiler House Study

Maine Contract Farming LLC  Layers

Rose Acre Farms Layers

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